Our Strengths

Our strong media relations are something which makes us to stand ahead of others.

We have strong inroads in editorial, marketing, brand and sales teams of most of the large media houses.

For few publications, we are even working as their Direct Selling Associates.

How we got here

eVistas India started with a simple (but bold) idea - to improve quality content and cost effective solutions.

Our cost effective solutions have really changed the brand perception and visibility for most of our clients. We work with clients as part of their extended team.

We are a really small company with extensive media industry experience. We are a dedicated team of media professionals scattered all across the world. Our core strength is our creative and innovative ideas/ solutions which address critical communication needs of our clients.


About Us

We are a young media startup with highly experienced media professionals gathered together as one team.

We are popularly known as 'Concept makers'. Our experienced and technically sound team can handle all sorts of media requirements. We believe in simple yet effective and innovative media plans/ campaigns for our clients.

Customization is the key...

Every client is different and every requirement is different. Advertising & Promotion measures cannot be same for each client. We believe in creating Customised communication for best results.

Our team specialize in creating Intellectual Properties/ event ideas which can ensure the desired results by our customers.

We are really strong in developing relevant content for Print, Digital and on ground platforms.



Email: info@evistasindia.com
Phone: +91-9943789052 / 9711883886
Fax: +91-124-6707702


514/5, Mehrauli,
New Delhi - 110030

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